Underworld Devil Stats pic

Underworld Devil's Stats


LV: 25

Element Attribute: Darkness 20%

Attack Type: Short-range Physical Damage

Offensive Stats:Edit

Attack Level: +2

Damage output: 132 - 180

Hit Rate: 147

8% Chance of Critical 120%

Defensive Stats:Edit

Defence Level: +0

Close Attack Defence: 80

Close Attack Dodge: 151

Remote Attack Defence: 85

Remote Attack Dodge: 151

Magic Defence: 75

Fire Resistance: 0%

Light Resistance: 0%

Water Resistance: 0%

Dark Resistance: 0%

Side Effects:Edit


Other Info:Edit

Drops: LV 23 Good Mano Necklace, ???

Locations: Quest-related Hunting circles (more places???)

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