The Mother Cuby Raid, or the Jelly Raid, is one of the most common raids in Nostale that are available all year round. The raid requires that you defeat the Mother Cuby, but only participants that are between levels 30 and 39 obtain a raidbox if the raid is successful. Other participants are awarded a certificate instead.

From this raidbox you would be able to obtain Level 45 and Level 46 weapons.

The Raid SealEdit

The Mother Cuby Raid seal can only be obtained by characters that are between level 30 and 39 as they must build a time-space and complete it.

However, the Raid itself can be opened by characters of higher levels.

The RaidEdit

The Raid leader creates a team of a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 participants. The Raid begins when the leader steps onto the portal at the Jelly Entrance map in Sunny Meadows. Any team member not on the map when the leader steps on the portal will not enter the raid.

The team will enter a large complex-looking map where they must defeat a number of cubies marked with a red circle eminating from them. Once all the cubies are defeated the portal at the top of the map will open which will take you to the boss room. This is where you will battle the Mother Cuby.

Tips and Special FeaturesEdit

  • Any SP is good for this raid, but Warriors, Holy Mages and Assassins are recommended.