USELESS TOPIC, DONT STAY READING!There are many monsters and enemies in Nostale, and they become stronger as the player progresses through the game. The first monsters which are encountered by the player, are the chickens, at level 1.Some monsters may be caught, while others may not.

Monsters may be encountered on most maps, and may be useful to the player in the sense that they may give rare drops in which the player may use in order to synthesise weapons, armor, potions, etc.

Difficult to kill monsters may also give experience.

Act 1Edit

Monster Level Element Description Image
Chicken Normal Encountered in Nosville, and very weak. It is required to catch one of these during the beginners quests. pulăă
Baby Dander Normal Encountered in Nosville, very weak and easy to kill. You must kill these during the beginners quests.
Dander Normal Encountered in Nosville Meadows. Very weak and easy to kill.

Land of DeathEdit

Monsters of Land of Death:

Monster Level Element Description Image
Reborn Devil 75 Dark Common and fast, with ranged attacks Borndevil
Skull Drake 77 Normal Similar to fire drake, but slightly weaker with high resistance.
Fire Drake Fire Fire version of skull drake, slightly stronger. Firedrake
Death Lander 80 Water Strong but quite rare on map. Deathlander
Giant Knight 82 None Very strong. About 3 on the whole map. Giantknight
Dark Horn 85 Fire Main boss of Land of Death. Dark Horn appears when the clock hits 140 (an hour approximately after LoD gates have opened) and will charge a powerful fire attack at the players, so one must have a high fire resistance. He continues to come every 4 minutes for 1 minute for a whole hour. It is not required to kill Dark Horn, because it is very hard to and only few family's have done so. Dark Horn will continue to come until the clock hits 80. Darkhorn