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Three different refiners can create different items out of gillion stones

The Gillion Stone is a commonly item, often thrown away by players as people believe it to be useless. The Gillion Stone is useless on it's own, but may be refined to create useful items.

Refining the Gillion StoneEdit

The gillion stone is useless on it's own but may be refined to create more useful items such as cellon. There are 3 refiners available. Double click on a refiner and one of your Gillion Stones will yield its place in your inventory to a new item. Refiners are available from Raul Endinel.

Soul Gem Refiner You can obtain Soul Gems, which are used for strengthening equipment.
Cellon Refiner For Cellon, for adding options to accessories.
Crystal Refiner Crystals are used for Mini-Land structures and mission challenge materials.