Eva Energy is a NPC found in NosVille. She sells various food and

Eva Energy.

snack items as well as NosMate items.

Sold ItemEdit

Item NameEdit


Item NameEdit


Low-End Post Sign 3,000 Chocobar 60
High-End Post Sign 5,000 Fried Chicken 100
Wood for a small bonfire 5,000 NosMate Food 300
Wood for a big bonfire 10,000 Delicious NosMate Food 1,000
Battle potion 300 Pet Trainer 1,500
Bacon and Egg fry 120 Pet Collector 5,000
Ham & Egg Sandwich 200 Salt 55
Roasted Herring 280 Sugar 53
Delicious Lunch 400 Vegetable Oil 470
Pork and drink 500 Cheese and Egg 480
Peanuts 14 Yellow Handkerchief of Separation 95,000
Biscuit 30 Sweet Syrup 200
Jerky 70 Mysterious condiment 750


  • Eva was originally known as Vellochika Tier on the NosTale Global server

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